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Build Your Own Computer

was started in May 1999 by a fellow with 18 years experience in the business at the time. The Company was started to offer computer parts and peripherals for sale to the general public for the purpose of building their own custom system or upgrading a system they already owned. We offer brand new hard drives ide and scsii, monitors, printers, video adaptors, sound cards, need a modem or a hard to find cable look no further. Networking products will also be offered for those who would like to give it a try whether it be for the home or their small business.

The Following Services are Available in the Denver Metro Area Only

Laptop and Desktop Repair

Virus removal without losing your data $65.00

Most viruses can be removed from your computers hard drive without losing any of your data. My success rate is well over 95 percent. If for any reason I can not remove the virus and give you back your system working as it was before you caught the virus, there will be no charge.

Computer Repair or Upgrade $65.00 plus parts

I will repair or upgrade any computer for that flat rate price. Need a new hard drive or more memory or your video card went out. No matter what ever may be wrong, I will diagnose it, and fix it.

The above prices are based on you bringing the system to me and picking it up when it is done. I will pick up and deliver completed systems for a $25.00 charge within Lakewood.

30 years experience

Questions call 303-435-9555


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Questions email or call 303-435-9555

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